Business Incubation Consulting

Incubation Program

If you are looking for a technical cofounder, a tech partner or a technical development team for your start-up then search no more.
Together with our partners, we will become the technical cofounder and our internal team will be responsible for building the whole product from A to Z. We also fill the role of an angel investor and invest 50% of the money needed for technical development.

Our offer is the ideal offer for entrepreneurs who are looking to build technical products. We help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful technical start-up, thereby allowing start-up founders to focus on other key areas, such as refining their products/services, focusing on business development, sales and other important non-technical aspects.

We also help technical entrepreneurs who don’t have the right team to build the start-up. We provide 50% of the money needed for technical development via equity So you will find yourself with a technical cofounder and have secured half of the funding required.

This is why our unique model is called: co-founding. Co-founding means that our partner will become the technical co-founder for the start-up and will assist in the building of your products. Of course, acting as a co-founder is not limited only to development but also to improving the start-up, its marketing strategy & products to enable it to be successful
Unlike other incubators, our partner invests in fewer start-ups and is ready to commit for a longer period of time and in multiple rounds of funding.

The benefits of being incubated by our alliance
  1. Acceleration Program benefits.
  2. Cofounding
    • Our network partner is ready to co-fund the start-up and invest up to $2M per start-up
  3. Technical cofounding
    • Technical developments nowadays are more complicated than ever with a myriad of platforms to be supported and the introduction of cloud computing making things a little bit more complicated for a small team of developers to tackle the challenge on their own. Things could be much more challenging if the founders don’t have technical knowledge. We come to the rescue in cases like this, our partners becoming technical cofounders whilst assisting in business planning and product refinement.
      We will start from requirement gathering stage up to the development stage. We can develop the web service, website and mobile application.
  4. Access to Capital
    • Being accepted into incubation means that together with our partner, we are ready to invest! You have got your first investor
  5. Mentorship
    • Each project will have one mentor and several “stealth-mentors” appointed by our alliance to check the ongoing performance of our start-ups and suggest innovative ideas to the mentor.
  6. Access to Business Resources
  7. If your team lacks access to people with knowledge of accounting
    • finance, marketing, HR or business development – which are integral in developing a successful start-up, then we can provide seasoned mentors and advisors who can take care of your accounting, HR, marketing, legal, business development and PR needs. Having experts in all the key areas of the business always helps during the incubation period and offload some of the time-consuming activities & responsibilities from the entrepreneur’s shoulder allowing them to focus mainly on product development.